Air Flowmeter

Tekflow’s Air Flowmeter is based on thermal mass principle. It can measure the mass flow of single or mixed gases in both directions. Because it measures mass directly, there is no need to measure temperature or pressure for compensation. The accuracy can be up to ±0.5% full scale with USA NIST and international traceability. 

The main benefits of thermal mass flowmeters are its high turndown ratio and low pressure losses. Our air flowmeter is suitable for pipe sizes from  1/2” – 240” for the insertion type, and 1/2”–12″ for the in-line type. The in-line type has the benefit of easy installation and more accurate readings. For the insertion type, it is possible to measure gas flows in very large pipelines or in rectangular ducts at relatively low costs. 

TekFlow Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Tekflow Series TM (In-line type)

TekFlow Series VT Insertion Type

Tekflow Series TM (Insertion type)

Our air flowmeters are typically used in many industries for measuring flow rates of gases, such as:

  • Compressed air
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen

However, it is not recommended for explosive gases as its measuring principle relies on a heating element. 

Air Flowmeter Technical Specifications

Accuracy: ± 1% of reading (With option of up to ± 0.5% full scale with USA NIST traceability)
Construction material: Carbon steel or stainless steel (Transmitter: Epoxy coated aluminum or Stainless steel)
Connections: Available as in-line (1/2″ – 12″) or insertion (1/2” – 240”)
Pressure: Up to 200 barg
Temperature: Up to 510ºC
Turndown ratio: 100 : 1
Power Supply: 24V DC / 100 – 240VAC
Outputs: 4 – 20mA, RS 232/485, HART protocol
Multivariable display: 7 digit LCD for instantaneous display, 8 digit for accumulated totals, Totalised gas mass flow, totalised standard or normal volumetric flow, standard or normal volumetric or mass flow rate, temperature, pressure

Download the full technical specifications here.