Miyawaki Steam Product

Techmatic is the local representative of Miyawaki steam products in Singapore. Miyawaki has more than 80 years history as one of the leading manufacturers in Japan for steam traps and other steam equipment. 

MIYAWAKI offers sophisticated hardware and software solutions for managing the steam trap population in a plant.

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Steam Trap

The purpose of a steam trap is to automatically discharge condensate from steam lines. 

Thermostatic TB1N


Operates on principle temperature difference between the steam and condensate. Suitable for tracer lines.

Thermodynamic disc steam trap


Uses the dynamics of water and flash steam. Compact and economical

Inverted Bucket Series E steam trap

Inverted Bucket

Mechanical design that makes use of buoyancy principle to discharge condensate continuously

Ball FLoat Steam Trap G11N

Ball Float

Operate on the difference in density between steam and water

Other Products & Services

Steam Pressure Reducing Valve RE1

Pressure Reducing Valves

To step down / regulate the downstream pressure within acceptable limits

Thermostatic Steam Water Mixer MX1N

Thermostatic Steam / Water Mixer

Mixes steam and cold water and controls the outgoing water. Used in washdown stations or heating jackets

Steam Trap Management

Let Techmatic take care of the maintenance of your steam traps. Improve the efficiency and reliability of your plant today!

Condensate Return Pump

Condensate Return Pump

Mechanical pump for pumping hot condensate, no external power required. Suitable for hazardous areas

Air Traps & Air Vents

Air Trap AE8

Air Traps

Air traps are designed for discharge of condensate from air piping, receiver tanks, gas and compressed air systems.

Air Vent AT9N

Air Vents

Air Vents are designed for pipe lines or industrial equipment to remove troublesome air automatically from them.