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A pipe, boiler, or tank sight glass, also known as a sight window or sight port, is a transparent industrial glass that allows you to see inside a process tank (or pipe) and monitor vital equipment. As such, you can safely observe the flow or contents inside without disrupting the process.

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Types of Sight Glasses

Simple Window Sight Glass Assembly

This is a basic sight glass for tanks made of two gasketed metal rings and a glass disc. It is easy to maintain—simply disassemble before cleaning—and is best suited for low-pressure and non-critical applications.

Fused Sight Glass Instrument

A fused Max Muller sight glass is the industry standard for high-performance and high-pressure processes. Its window is fused to the metal carrier ring, which has a compressive force greater than the tensional force (pressure). As such, a fused sight glass is extremely difficult to break, ensuring high safety margins.

Material of Sight Glass

1. Temperature

A sight glass’ performance depends on the operational temperatures in the equipment or system. Some materials can only operate in temperatures below 300°F, while others are suitable in environments above 500°F.

2. Thermal Shock

If the sight glass’ material has high thermal expansion coefficients, low durability, and low thermal conductivity, it is unsuitable for environments with rapid and drastic temperature fluctuations.

3. Corrosion

If your operations involve the use of caustic or acidic substances, the sight glass for tanks might become cloudy, thus affecting visibility. Hence, applications involving the use of such conditions require glass material with high corrosion resistance.

4. Abrasion

As abrasive particles and elements may erode the sight glass and hurt its structural integrity, abrasive environments require the use of thick and durable materials.

5. Pressure 

It is crucial that you select a material by first assessing the working, design, test, and burst pressure.

6. Impact

In some applications, objects may impact a regular sight glass for tanks. Hence, durable materials should be selected for such conditions to reduce the possibility of component failure.

Applications of Sight Glass

1. Chemical Processing

With a Vetrolux sight glass, operators in chemical processing industries can monitor reactions, levels, and the overall condition of substances.

2. Pharmaceuticals

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, a sight glass for tanks, pipes, and boilers is used to observe and control processes, ensuring precision and quality in the production of medications.

3. Food and Beverage

A Max Muller sight glass is critical when monitoring levels, inspecting product quality, and ensuring compliance with hygiene standards.

4. Oil and Gas

In the oil and gas sector, you can use our Vetrolux sight glass to observe fluid levels, detect impurities, and monitor the overall condition of pipelines and vessels.

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