Explore Excellence in Filtration with Tee Strainers

Tee Strainers are made using standard tees.

  • Standard sizes from 2” – 24”. Larger sizes available upon request
  • Available In flanged or Butt-weld end connections. ANSI B16.5,DIN,IS Flanges are available
  • May be installed in horizontal pipelines
  • Medium pressure drop . Minimal Loss of energy
  • Materials range from: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel. Other materials available on request
  • Standard Screens range from 10 Mesh – 400 Mesh
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Max Min Temperature (°C)






Max Capacity kg/h

Body and Cover Material

Secondary Pressure Range

Type of Trap

Glass O.D / Length

Pipe Size


Explore Excellence in Filtration with Tee Strainers


    Tee Strainer 2

    Redefining Efficiency in Industrial Filtration

    Tee strainers play a pivotal role in optimizing fluid purity, safeguarding equipment, and streamlining your operational processes.

    The Tee Strainer Advantage

    1. Compact Design for Efficiency

    Experience optimal efficiency with the compact design of tee strainer. Their space-saving construction maximizes functionality, ensuring seamless integration into your systems while maintaining the highest standards of fluid purity.

    2. Effortless Maintenance

    Simplify your maintenance routines with tee strainers designed for easy care. The streamlined construction allows for quick and hassle-free cleaning, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted industrial processes with minimal effort.

    Key Features of Tee Strainers

    a. Customization for Your Specific Needs

    Tailor specifications to exact requirements. Tee strainers offer customizable options, seamlessly integrating into existing systems and meeting the unique demands of each industry.

    b. Wide Variety of Mesh Sizes

    Choose from a diverse range of mesh sizes, from 10 Mesh all the way to 400 Mesh (others on request) to suit your specific filtration needs. The streamlined tee design optimizes fluid dynamics, capturing contaminants effectively for seamless system operation with minimal disruptions.

    c. Low Maintenance, High Impact

    Simplify maintenance routines with tee strainers designed for user-friendly operation. Minimal upkeep translates to reduced downtime, allowing for uninterrupted industrial processes.

    Applicable Industries

    • Marine Industry: Ensuring efficient filtration for various maritime applications.
    • Oil & Gas Industry: Safeguarding equipment in critical oil and gas processes.
    • Chemical Industry: Maintaining purity during chemical production.
    • Power Industry: Protecting components in power generation processes.

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