High Performance Fabricated Basket Strainer



Oil, water, seawater and liquids

Max Min Temperature (°C)

0 - 400 °C


Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel. Other materials upon request




1" - 32" , other sizes upon request


0-60 Bar, higher pressures upon request


Max Capacity kg/h

Body and Cover Material

Secondary Pressure Range

Type of Trap

Glass O.D / Length

Pipe Size


Basket Strainer

High Performance Fabricated Basket Strainer


    The advantage of basket strainer versus Y-strainer is its higher dirt capacity, size for size. Also, the pressure drop is lower. In most liquid applications, basket type is preferred.
    Our strainers are designed according to ASME VIII. Div. 1 by our in-house engineers and custom made to fit any application and space.

    Basket Strainer
    • Standard sizes from 2” – 24”. Larger sizes available upon request
    • Available In flanged or Butt-weld end connections. ANSI B16.5,DIN,IS Flanges are available
    • May be installed in horizontal pipelines
    • Medium pressure drop . Minimal Loss of energy
    • Materials range from: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel. Other materials available on request
    • Standard Screens range from 10 Mesh – 400 Mesh
    • Download the our basket strainer catalogue here

    duplex strainer

    A combination of basket strainers will form duplex strainers. Duplex strainers are essentially basket strainers in parallel. The advantage is that the strainer element can be removed for maintenance without needing to isolate the pipeline.
    This could be useful in applications where the medium is very dirty and the filter needs to be removed very often for cleaning.

    Our product catalogue for duplex strainer can be found here

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    Simplex Basket strainers can also be fitted with a motor. This would be a self cleaning strainer. Self cleaning strainers bring convenience to an even higher level. Since the filter element is continuously being cleaned and debris removed, the amount of maintenance required is very little.

    Our product catalogue for self cleaning strainer can be found here

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