Steam Flowmeter

Steam is arguably the most difficult fluid to measure. Other than having to deal with its high temperatures and pressures, it also tends to come in two phases (water and steam) which most flowmeters can’t handle. 

The ideal steam flowmeter is a vortex type flowmeter. It uses a highly reactive piezoelectric sensor which measures the frequency of vortices. There are no moving parts, making it highly durable. Our flowmeter is able to take high temperatures of up to 350ºC, making it suitable for measurement of both saturated and superheated steam. In addition, accuracies of up to ±1.5% can be achieved. 

Once installed, the flowmeters are virtually zero maintenance and fuss free as no calibration is needed.

TekFlow’s steam flowmeter is able to measure:
– Volumetric Flow
– Temperature
– Mass Flow
– Pressure 

Our flowmeters are calibrated against a gas flow primary standard and traceable to USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The flowmeter can be integrated into other systems such as a recorder to analyse data and help the user optimise steam flow. 

TekFlow Vortex Flowmeter
TekFlow Series VT Inline Type for easy installation
TekFlow Vortex Flowmeter Wafer Type
TekFlow Series VT Wafer Type - Lower Cost

Technical Specifications

Accuracy: ±1.5% gases and steam
Construction material: AISI 316 or AISI 304 stainless steel (Transmitter: Epoxy coated alumunium)
Connections: Available in-line or wafer type 25 – 300mm (1” – 12”), insertion type 250 – 2000mm (10” – 80”)
Pressure: Up to 420 barg
Temperature: Up to 350ºC
Turndown ratio: Between 10 : 1 to 40 : 1, depending on media
Power Supply: 12 – 24V dc
Intrinsically safe certified to Ex ib IIC T4, Flameproof to Ex d IIB T4
Outputs: scaled pulse, 4 – 20mA, RS 485, HART protocol options
Multivariable display: 7 digit LCD for instantaneous display, 8 digit for accumulated totals, Totalised gas mass flow, totalised standard or normal volumetric flow, standard or normal volumetric or mass flow rate, temperature, pressure

Download the full technical specifications here.

Each flowmeter has a specific measurement range based on its size. Click here to contact our specialists for advice on proper sizing of your flowmeter.