Positive Displacement Meter

Positive Displacement meters, commonly known as PD meters, are a type of mechanical meter that has been widely used for decades. The volumetric flow rate is measured by dividing the media into fixed, metered volumes. A good analogy would be holding a bucket below a tap, filling it to a set level, then quickly replacing it with another bucket and timing the rate at which the buckets are filled. In this way, the number of ‘buckets’ filled determine the totalizer flow value and the rate at which the ‘buckets’ are filled determine the flow rate. 

Our positive displacement meters are suitable for sizes from 6mm – 200mm (1/4” – 8”). Common applications are measuring the flow of water, oil or flammable liquids. This is because no external energy is needed, therefore there is zero fire risk. Both flow rate and a resettable totalizer value can be recorded. It can also be installed in compact spaces as no straight runs are needed. This is the reason why today, despite advances in technology, PD meters are still widely used and trusted for their reliability. 


Positive Displacement Flowmeter

TekFlow's Series PD Positive Displacement Meter

Technical Specifications

Accuracy: ±1.5% gases and steam
Construction material: AISI 316 or AISI 304 stainless steel (Transmitter: Epoxy coated alumunium)
Connections: Available in-line or wafer type 25 – 300mm (1” – 12”), insertion type 250 – 2000mm (10” – 80”)
Pressure: Up to 420 barg
Temperature: Up to 350ºC
Turndown ratio: Between 10 : 1 to 40 : 1, depending on media
Power Supply: 12 – 24V dc
Intrinsically safe certified to Ex ib IIC T4, Flameproof to Ex d IIB T4
Outputs: scaled pulse, 4 – 20mA, RS 485, HART protocol options
Multivariable display: 7 digit LCD for instantaneous display, 8 digit for accumulated totals, Totalised gas mass flow, totalised standard or normal volumetric flow, standard or normal volumetric or mass flow rate, temperature, pressure

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