Magnetic Flowmeter

Magnetic Flowmeter is most commonly used in water and wastewater applications. This is because it has no moving parts, making it ideal for very dirty liquids. However these liquids must be conductive or contain ions, and it will not work for non conductive liquids such as oil or distilled water. The flowmeter is independent of temperature, pressure, density and viscosity. 

Our flowmeters can be used for the following mediums:
– Drinking water
– Unfiltered raw sewage
– Pastes & slurries
– Chemicals such as strong acids, alkalis 

Because of its low power consumption, it is possible operate the flowmeter using an external battery.

TekFlow Magnetic Flowmeter

In spite of all its benefits, the flowmeter is able to maintain a high level of accuracy, up to ±0.2% . Because of its low cost and robustness, magnetic flowmeters are suitable for use in the following industries:

– Water / Wastewater
– Paper
– Food & Beverage
– Power Generation
– Life Science

Our magnetic flowmeters are available for sizes from 2mm – 2000mm (0.078” – 80”). In addition, we have a wide range of liner materials to protect the flowmeter from aggressive mediums. 

Technical Specifications for TekFlow's Magnetic Flowmeter

Accuracy: ± 0.2% of reading (Calibration Certificates with traceability to USA NIST)
Construction material: Carbon steel or stainless steel (Transmitter: Epoxy coated aluminum or Stainless steel)
Connections: Available as in-line (1/2″ – 12″) or insertion (1/2” – 240”)
Pressure: Up to 40 barg, depending on diameter
Temperature: Up to 150ºC
Power Supply: 24V DC / 100 – 240VAC
Outputs: 4 – 20mA, Pulse, RS 485, HART protocol
Multivariable display: 7 digit LCD for instantaneous display, 8 digit for accumulated totals, Totalised gas mass flow, totalised standard or normal volumetric flow, standard or normal volumetric or mass flow rate, temperature, pressure

Download the full technical specifications here.

Each flowmeter has a specific measurement range based on its size. Click here to contact our specialists for advice on proper sizing of your flowmeter.