Steam Water Thermostatic Mixing Valve

MIYAWAKI’s thermostatic mixing valve mixes steam and cold water to produce hot water of up to 93°C. The temperature of the hot water can be adjusted directly on the mixing valve.

The MIYAWAKI Steam Mixing Valve is useful in all places where is a need of hot water for various industrial purposes, such as washdown stations for oily floors. There is no need for additional heat exchangers or boilers.


  • Washing down oily floors
  • Washing vehicles and vats
  • Backflushing filters
  • Washing out vessels
  • Heating jacketed vessels
  • Further applications in dairies, breweries, food, chemical and other industries
MX1N with hose
MX1N with hose for washdown stations, for washing oily floors
MX1N for hot water outlet. Useful for washing bays in Food and Beverage Industries

Specification for Steam Mixing Valve

Model Connections Size Maximum Operating Pressure Steam & Water MPa (psig) Maximum Operating Temperature (Steam) °C (°F) Body and Cover Material Download
MX1N Screwed Rc, NPT 1/2″ 0,7 (101) 185 (365) Brass
Thermostatic Steam Water Mixer MX1N

The hot water capacity depends on the pressure ratio between steam and cold water. For more details according to your application see the respective hot water capacity chart

Pressure Ratio Steam : Cold Water Download
1 : 1
2 : 1
3 : 1
1 : 2
1 : 3