Condensate Pump – Series GL



Condensate Pump – Series GL

Condensate Return Pump is used to drain condensate from process applications, when the steam pressure in the process application is not sufficient to push the condensate to the condensate return lines or to the condensate vessel. Miyawaki Condensate Return Pumping Trap functions as both a pump and steam trap, utilizing steam or air to drive the condensate. There no electric components which may fail. No external power is needed, making this ideal for hazardous areas.

Your Benefits

✓ No electricity needed -> Ideal for hazardous areas
✓ No electrical components which may fail due to high temperature
✓ Large capacity
✓ Low usage of steam/air

We offer the following Pumping Trap models:

• Small compact ductile cast iron pumping trap GL11 for condensate amounts up to 1 t/hr
• Ductile cast iron pumping trap GL81 for the recovery of large condensate amounts up to 9 t/hr
• Steel pumping trap GLP81 for the recovery of large condensate amounts up to 8 t/hr

The pumps come in a skid, equipped with the necessary valves and level switches for safe operation. Each skid can be customized to suit the needs of different customers.