Vetrolux Hinged Sight Glass

Vetrolux hinged sight glass of the series KSG / KSGB represent the combination of an illuminated / non illuminated sightglass with a mechanism for quick and easy opening and closing of the combined unit

Hinged sight glass offer a quick and easy opening sightglass unit without or with illumination, in cases where an addition of components is required or samples need to be taken on a regular or sporadic basis.

Illumination can be for safe or hazardous area use. 

Vetrolux hinged sight glass can be fitted with accessories such as light fittings, wipers, sprays and cameras. The accessories are suitable for use in hazardous areas. 


      • Mounting:

    Welded onto vessel wall.

    • Nominal Sizes:
    •  KSG (B) 125 – 250mm (OD)
    •  KSG (B) 200 – 335mm (OD)
  •  Operating Pressure:
  •  KSG (B) 125 – 1 bar
  •  KSG (B) 200 – 0.5 bar
  •  Operating Temperature:
  •  Sodium Silicate – up to 150°C 
  •  Borosiliate – up to 200°C
  •  Materials:
  • Welding Flange: Stainless steels 316 Ti, 316 L, 304 and carbon steel RSt 37.2
  • Opening part: Corrosion resistant aluminium casting
  • Gaskets: Silicone
  • Closing part: Aluminium casting, steel, zinked
Download Datasheets: 
Vetrolux Circular Sightglasses Flanged 
MM Hinged sight glass

VETROLUX hinged illuminated sightglass type KSGB 125 with built-in wiper, series W