Commanche Valves

Gate Valve

Normally used as isolation valve. Require very little space along pipe axis

Globe Valve

Able to regulate the flow of fluids well. Can be used for throttling purposes.

Ball Valve

A type of quarter turn valve, generally used as isolation valve. Can start/stop the flow almost instantaneously

Check Valve

Also known as non-return valve, this valve only allows fluids to flow in one direction. Prevents backflow

Butterfly Valve

Quarter-turn rotational valve used to start or stop flow. Easy and fast to open/close. Compact design occupies very little space.

Commanche Bellow Sealed Valves

Bellow Sealed Valve

Specially designed to avoid leakage of valve stem. No leakage of hazardous fluids such as steam, hot oil, toxic / corrosive / flammable products